№ 885 от 11 ноября 2010 г
О внесении изменений в Правила регистрации и снятия граждан Российской Федерации с регистрационного учета по месту пребывания и по месту жительства в пределах Российской Федерации

№ 86-ФЗ от 19 мая 2010 г.
О внесении изменений в Федеральный закон «О правовом положении инностранных граждан в Российской Федерации» и отдельные законодательные акты Российской Федерации

Указ Президента РФ от 14 ноября 2002 г. N 1325
«Об утверждении Положения о порядке рассмотрения вопросов гражданства Российской Федерации» (с изменениями от 31 декабря 2003 г., с изменениями, внесенными Указом Президента Российской Федерации от 3 ноября 2006 г. №1226)

Федеральный закон "О гражданстве Российской Федерации" от 31 мая 2002 года

Федеральный закон "О правовом положении иностранных граждан в Российской Федерации" от 25 июля 2002 года

Федеральный закон "О вынужденных переселенцах" от 19 мая 1993 года

Федеральный закон "О беженцах" от 19 февраля 1993 года

Федеральный закон "О порядке выезда из Российской Федерации и въезда в Российскую Федерацию" от 15 августа 1996 года

Федеральный закон "О государственной дактилоскопической регистрации в Российской Федерации" 25 июля 1998 года

Закон РФ "О праве граждан Российской Федерации на свободу передвижения, выбор места пребывания и жительства в пределах РФ" от 25 июля 1993 года

Федеральный закон "О порядке рассмотрения обращений граждан Российской Федерации"

Home / Touristic voucher

Touristic voucher, Visa to Russia, is a basis to enter the Russian Federation.

We help to get visa without problems at Russian consulate for more than 17 years. We are located in Moscow, “Kitay Gorod” metro.


Touristic Visa (with definite date of arrival and departure. N.B. It’s necessary to book a hotel. WE CAN DO IT. The border cross-in and cross-out within 30 days). The voucher registration is min 10 minutes.
  • Is worked out for foreign citizen willing to visit Russia to have a rest and getting acquainted with culture and to visit historical places

  • The invitation for the touristic visa is proceeding by the accredited and included in the Russian Unite Tour-operator Base company.

  • The invitation itself is the agreement of the tour service and has two parts: touristic voucher and the receiving confirmation.

  • The tour voucher is performed on the official paper of the touristic company, so the appearance can be different depending on the specific paper design of the touristic company.

 Our professional team will consult on the optimal solution Moscow +7 (495) 204-27-23; Barcelona +34 639-376-871; New York +1 (718) 705-42-37 multi-channel

The full information on visa categories is here.
  • Tour voucher is the only respected alternative to the private invitation.


Proceeding touristic invitation: - touristic voucher


The touristic voucher consists of 2 parts: 2 printed on A4 documents:


1. Proceeding the tour voucher itself.


2. Proceeding the receiving confirmation.


Europe, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Central and Latin America, Japan, Australia, New Zeland, Oceania: See here
Multiplicity/Period of registration: 1-2 hrs 30 min 1-2 hrs 30 min
Single up to 30 days 35 euro 15 euro    
Multiple up to 30 days


   35 euro 15 euro
*   The hotel reservation is included  
*   Fixed incoming and outcoming dates


India, Bangladesh, some Eastern countries, Asia, Indonesia, North Africa.  See here
Multiplicity/Period of registration: 1-2 hrs 30 min 1-2 hrs 30 min
Single up to 30 days 85 euro 15 euro    
Multiple up to 30 days     85 euro 15 euro
*   The hotel reservation is included  
*   Fixed incoming and outcoming dates

     Normally the copy of voucher sent by fax or e-mail is enough for most of Russian consulates in the United States and Europe. However, the original can also be requested. In this case we send the original by express-post with extra charge.
The proceeding time
     The touristic voucher will be made 10 minutes after the payment confirmation, you can pay via one of the ways offered:
1. By offered bill for legal entities.
2. By bank account transfer for individuals 
3. Via payment systems MasterCard/ VISA/Maestro.


                                      The registration official procedure
      The touristic voucher is formalized to get the touristic visa for the tour visit to Russia. The voucher is of a standard format recommended by MIA of Russia. The FMS and MIA accredited company with the “Reference” (i.e. the registration number) can formalize the touristic voucher, that is equal to the invitation. The trip duration, the itinerary, the hotels and the excursion service has to be mentioned in the voucher. The tour voucher has to contain all the passport data of a tourist and details of the company that formalized the voucher. The confirmation (2-nd part of the voucher) contains all the information from the touristic voucher.


How to order the voucher
     To order the voucher the copy of passport (the front page with photo) and the trip duration data needs to be sent to us. Additionally the information on the places to stay can be provided (but not obligatory).


Costs of voucher:
       For most citizens except the migration dangerous countries the price at the International business center “Cross-travel” is 1900 Rub.


How to get Russian visa by tour voucher
    The first to do is to confirm that the copy of the voucher sent by fax or e-mail is enough for the Russian consulate where you’re going to apply for visa
Take into consideration that normally the consulate requires to show tickets and the insurance by Russian/national company for the whole trip duration.
    Add to this, the visa application form, the photo and the passport original document is requested by the consulate. The process takes from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the special regulations of the consulate. The formalization can be of 1-2 days by the personal decision of Russian consul.
       The recommended trip duration is no longer than 2 weeks.
n case of longer stay the hotel payment confirmation and the detailed itinerary is requested.